Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry mission is to teach and equip the Men of God to take a stand in their homes, in the church, and in their community.  By applying the principles of God and being an example for the next generation.

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is to teach Women of God to be empowered. To be equipped though the Word of God to regain their place of dominion, and to fulfill their own destiny.

Youth Ministry

Our youth vision is to train and equip our youth to become a generation that prays, worship and come into revelation of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST that they may walk in relationship with JESUS CHRIST in dominion and power, and that they may be able to train others.

Help Ministry

This Ministry consists of people who have the desire to Help The Kingdom of God through Ushering, Feeding the Poor visiting the sick and many other components of the church.

Our music department mission is to fill the atmosphere with prophetic music that ushers in the presence of GOD to come and dwell and habitat in the midst of HIS people.

Alter Workers
Music Ministry

Our Altar Workers are trained to pray and minister to bring deliverance, healing, open blind eyes and the lame to walk through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Our purpose is to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Going out to: Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Street Evangelisms, by Going door to Door, Hard core and High Crime to reach the lost or backslidden. We assist with the Feeding and Clothing of the poor. To visit those who are in prison and rehabilitation facilities. To visit those who are bedridden, in hospitals and nursing homes. To train and complete follow-Up procedures. To assist in established community services and help as volunteers. Through Action Chapel Alabama, we will strive to be Christ-like examples to others so that our faith may extend throughout this world that others may desire to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior.

Evangelism Ministry

The Usher/Greeters serve as doorkeepers, as well as escorts for those who enter into the house of God. Each time when you arrive at our doors you will find a friendly group of people who want to help you feel right at home. Our Usher/Greeters are there to help you find your way during Church hosting events. We have a great staff of real servants and they all love being able to minister to your needs. Our Usher/Greeters are also responsible for keeping order during service and assisting during the offering. Those persons with smiling faces and a pleasant personality - whether man, woman, boy, or girl - are encouraged to be a part of this ministry.


Our Security Ministry is currently being maintained by the Stewarts of the Church.

New Members Workers usually overlaps with the Usher/Greeters and maintains open communication with the church administration department. Individuals in this department assist leadership in various tasks and play an important part in getting new members acclimated into the One In Christ Church Family.

The Intercessory Prayer ministry provides numerous opportunities in prayer and consists as the Watchmen on the Wall,  they gain knowledge in strategic prayer and strategic operational skills in Spiritual Warfare.

New Members Workers
Intercessary Prayer
Van Ministry

The Van Ministry serves God's people by providing transportation to and from the Church and special events (as approved by leadership). Individuals serving in this ministry are sometimes the first physical person that a visitor comes in contact with. They are Spirit filled, humble servants & very dependable. If you ever need transportation to our Church, don't hesitate to give us a call @ 256-801-9099 and we will be honored to serve you.